WSLVT 世界大会開催!


Wong Shun Leung Students Association


This is to let everyone know that the WSLSA gathering this November 7-9, 2014 is well on it's way. Currently the cost of the gathering for members will be USD 120.00 and for NON members will be USD 150.00 Please be aware that the cost mentioned are to cover for the expense of the arrangements. This event is NON PROFIT and all extra proceeds after cost will be donated to the "Wong Shun Leung" Family.

This will be in a once in a lifetime event for everyone to meet fellow First generation Students as well as to attend workshops hosted by different First Generation Students. Please be sure to let your current Sifu know that you are interested in attending and have him send us a list of students. That way we won't have double booking and such. Details will follow shortly for payments and deposit. But sure to start booking your airline tickets!!!!